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Past-Life Regressions

The Inward Journey

Experiences from your past, both from this life and from others lifetimes are partly what forms your present lifetime lessons and situations. No child ever came to this earth life as an empty slate to write on. They came here with their own likes and dislikes, their own paths to walk and they have their own unique and very different personalities. This comes from their own history of the many life-times they have lived before this one. As a parent, we do not own these beautiful beings, but we have been entrusted to care for and to raise them to feel love and compassion both for themselves and to their fellow travelers on this journey,we call life.

An Inward Journey provides a variety of therapies to support and empower you to live your life in a happier and more satisfying manor. Some therapies that may be used are; Hypnosis, Time line Therapy, NLP, Theta, Soul Retrieval, and Inner-child Rescue, which can provide protection for your child-within, or there may be other modalities used, as I am instructed by your Spirit Guides.

Learn your own personal history and Heal your Present life by consciously releasing the Past that keeps you stuck. When an issue is forgotten and hidden in our sub-conscious mind, we usually just react with a knee jerk reaction. But when we can bring it into our conscious mind, then we are Empowered. Because, we can now respond from choice, rather then just responding like a programmed robot.

Many people have said “I don’t know why He… or She or even, why do I re-act like that. As we have learned so much more about computers, we have also learned more about how the human mind works. Many times our past-life experiences have programmed us to respond in a certain way but in this, the twenty-first century they are not always the best way to respond. We often use computer language to describe what is going on in our mind, such as being programmed or de-programmed, or running old tapes in our head.

Regression Therapy is a gentle method for changing old tapes that keep us from being all that we can be. The Guides have said, when a problem is brought to a higher level of understanding, then the negative Karma that is connected to it, is released. We also receive the gifts of positive karma as well.

Work with your guides to:

  • Remember past lives
  • Identify core issues
  • Remove emotional blocks
  • Bring forth inherent talents
  • Release fears and phobias
  • Bring greater clarity and understanding

An Inward Journey may include:

Finding Past – Life connections and Karma with friends and family in your life today. Love and hate are powerful emotions and can bring us back together again and again. So we are given the opportunity to enjoy the love, or heal the hate so we don’t have to repeat it again. Many people have healed problems with their co-workers by doing regression work.

Soul Retrieval – Brings back split off or splintered parts of your Spirit, which can happen when you experience severe trauma.

Inner Child Rescue – Heals and empowers that part of yourself that was hurt, misunderstood or felt abandoned when you were a child. When the Child-within feels “safe” you will be amazed at how much better your life works. Many people have had harsh or traumatic treatment as a child, this continues to diminish their self-esteem even as they become adults. Work in this area can help you remove blocks and work through this trauma and allows you greater freedom to follow your dreams.

Working with the many faceted parts of yourself – this work can bring recognition of the many parts of our self together, so they will work together in greater harmony instead of sabotaging ourselves and keeping us from accomplishing something we want to do. Have you ever been surprised to fin yourself saying “I want to do this….”, then feeling another part of you that says “No, I can’t” because fear comes up and you may feel too frightened, to even try. Many times these feelings are from different parts of yourself that come from experiences in this lifetimes and often they are from past life personalities. It is quite amazing to see how these past-life personalities can create a problem when they show up in our present life.

Here are some possible example.

You want to do healing work……But fear keeps you back, because in the past you were killed for being a witch. You’ve been asked to speak in public……But some old forgotten memory of shame or pain won’t let you stand up there and talk, even though talking with friends is very easy. You want to move forward in your job……But you feel deep conflicts within that keeps you from making the next needed move. You want a loving relationship……But somehow you always sabotage it. WHY?

Finding out the Why’s, can keep you from sabotaging yourself so much.

An Inward Journey, always includes, counseling from your own Higher power, called your Higher Self.

Finding a past life issue has cured my fear of water, I now enjoy life as a scuba diver for a rescue team.
Lucy Jennings

Scuba Diver

Lori’s work with me for past trauma over relationship helped me to understand problems that I was experiencing now. Once I was aware I was able to heal and move on.
Alaia Leighland

Author Facilitator

I was born with cystic fibrosis I was told I probably would not live past my teens, as a result I always wanted to move through life really fast so I could experience it all before I died. When I was 18 years old I had a session with Lori which put me in touch with a life in which I had drowned slowly, thus the fluid that kept building in my lungs. Since I became aware of this, the condition has improved quite markedly and I have since gone on to have a child which I was told would never happen, I am looking forward to watching him becoming an adult. I am now 32 yrs old.
Shannon G

Engineer Associate


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