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As 2014 passes away we are seeing many old structures changing or being completely torn down. This is true with our jobs and businesses, the governments around the world and in our own private lives as well and Guess What? it is all OK.

The guides have said instead of trying to rebuild the old, it may be time to lay a whole ‘New Foundation’ a time to create new and better structures that truly come from the Heart. Plus it’s really important to use more ‘Foresight’ to what the overall outcome will be from our creation.

2015 is a #8 Year and is a Powerful Year for us to get it right, if we stay focused. Focus on What you Really want and don’t get side tracked in the negativity. Come from Love, Use your Wisdom and Go for it.

Even in the middle of the challenges that life does hand us, we can cultivate our desires to bring more Abundance, Peace, Love and Serenity in for ourselves and for those around us.

Now is a good time to ‘Check our Habits.’ Are they bringing you what you want in all the different areas of your life?

You don’t have to completely make yourself over. You’ve already got a lot of good habits and traits. So maybe just a little tweaking in a couple of areas would make life easier for yourself. You don’t have to tell anyone unless you want to, but you know where they are.

Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions with good intentions, but records show that most people don’t even keep them going to February. I heard of a way that seems to work better it is called SMART GOALS. The acronym, stands for –

Specific – Be more Specific. Don’t just say I want to lose weight, say I want to lose 10 pounds.
Measurable – This helps you know exactly when you’ve hit your goal. Then you can set a New Goal.
Achievable – Make it realistic. Not too low, but Not so high that you will have trouble achieving it.
Resonant – Make sure it’s really something that INSPIRES you so you’ll be motivated to go for it.
Time Bound – And put a due date on it. Little goals are like stair steps. They help you get to the Big Goal at the top.

You don’t have to do one big overhaul all at the same time. It’s best to pick 1 or 2 areas. When you’ve got your new habit under way, then add another one.

Here’s a check-list.

Start with Organizing – Do you already have a place for everything so you can find them, Great. Or do you need to create more defined spaces for certain papers, tools or things you need in your daily life. I know where most things are, but one time I had to go buy a second item because I couldn’t find the one I already had. That’s kind of dumb but it happened. A little more organizing helps a lot. Do whatever it takes to make life a bit more easier for yourself.

I like to use one big ‘To Do List’ for short term things. When I don’t have a list, time can go by in one big blur of busyness and I get frustrated if I feel like I really didn’t get much done.

When I do use a List and scratch them out when done. I don’t forget the many little things that needed to be done. Most importantly, when I look at the partly scratched out list, I really can feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day or week and that in turn, motivates me to do more.

Finances – Look for Sink-Holes. Old Habits may be throwing your money down a Sink-hole. Are you paying for magazines or stuff you no longer read? – More phone time then you need? – Rent for stuff you no longer want? – Memberships for things you stopped going to? – Many often spend more money for storage then what is inside is worth. – Time shares for places you no longer go. – Expensive Lunches every day? – Do you spend for Lattes every day when once a week would make them feel like a special treat?

Check the figures, you may be surprised at how much the Sink-Holes get of your hard earned income and then decide, Yes or No for each. You can actually give yourself a raise.

There is certainly nothing wrong with having any of those things IF you are using them. Just checking. You are the only one that knows if the money you work for is going for the things you want in your life Now? Maybe it time for Craig’s List or a Big Garage Sale.

You know the old adage . . . A Penny saved is really the same as a Penny earned.

Health – The Basics are – Plenty Water, lots of Sleep, Healthy Food and Exercise. The benefits of Meditation has now made the list. Because a few minutes of Visualization and Peace of Mind can do wonders for your whole being and the outcome of your day.

Don’t get drastic, just check the list and see if there are any Old Habits that really aren’t getting you where you want be. Little steps will get you where you want to go.

Relationships – With Neighbors, Co-Workers, Family and especially with those we Love can be improved with something that was told us long ago. Surprisingly it is in Every Religion of the World, although not always practiced.

It’s The Golden Rule – “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” Just think what a wonderful and peaceful world it will be when we all practice that.

What is the Spiritual Input in your life, do you feel connected to Source in a way that works for you? – Are you Reading the kind of books or being around the people that up-lift you?

There are so many good webinars available now that can help you raise your consciousness, lift your self-esteem and help you become happier.

There are many out there, but one I highly recommend is an online University for Transformational Education. You may want to check it out. Just cut and paste it into the browser. Let me know what you think.

The Guides have said Loving and honoring yourself is an IMPORTANT and much NEEDED step for all of us in our Spiritual growth, whatever our path may be. I am not talking about becoming a Narcissist, but evolving into WHO you were meant to be. There is a Big difference.

One Master said it nicely. He said if we would say every day to ourselves. “I Love myself just the way I am and I am growing every day.” That it would truly help us evolve faster. (That’s Easy).

As the popular song said this last year, Let it go . . . Let go of what makes you Fearful and Take the steps to lay the Foundation for what you really want to see and have in your life in this powerful and Life Changing year of 2015. Happy New Year

Wishing you Joy in your Heart and All things Good.
Many Blessings, Lori

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