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    February is known as the month of Love, mostly because of Valentine’s Day. You see Hearts and flowers in all of the stores around you. But let’s stretch it a little. Love is a wonderful energy that can expand to many others beside that special someone in your life.

To Love someone or feel loved and appreciated by someone is a very high vibration that affects us and makes each of us feel better.

To Love a child, your cat, your dog, a parent or grandparent is a different kind of Love than you express to your mate but it all feels good. This energy feels good to the Sender and well as to the Receiver and the more we can spread it around the better will be the vibration of the world we live in.

One of the Laws of the Universe is . . . Whatever energy you send out will sooner or later come right back to you. Not necessarily will it always come from the person you sent it to, so don’t let that disappoint you. But by Universal Law the energy sent forth must return to the sender.

It’s always a sweet surprise when you receive a compliment or little gift of something nice that just drops in from out of the blue that you weren’t expecting. Enjoy them, say thank you, it is just love returning to you no matter who the messenger is.

Guess what, Anger and Hate are potent energies because of the force behind them and they must by Law return as well. Just good old common sense then tells us that it behooves us to pay more attention to what we as human beings are broadcasting to the world around us all of the time even when we are not even paying any attention or intending to.

It is part of our make-up as human beings to be both Senders and Receivers, like it or not. We are much like a radio station even when we are not thinking about it. You’ve known it when someone hates you or when they’ve loved you because you’ve felt it.

Now when you deliberately intend to send it out you’ve increased its strength. You can increase the Love around you or you can do more Damage according to what you are sending out.

Let’s challenge ourselves this month to see how many people or even things we can deliberately send Love to and increase the vibratory rate of the world we are surrounded by. Then extend it to the next month and the next and so on. There is a name for it, it is called Deliberate Creation.

It would be easy to focus for a minute on 5 or 10 people or things each day and deliberately send the feeling of Love out. Some people like to think of it like cupids arrows or others choose to seeing themselves throwing pink snowballs or just love radiating out from their heart. It really doesn’t matter how you do it, it is all in the intention and just do it.

Don’t make it a chore cause, that’s not love. A friend of mine decided that every time she saw the color Red it would be a reminder to send out love to someone or a situation. That will keep her busy, but it’s a great idea to find something that will remind you. It’s a big world out there, so there are numerous places to send love, make it a game to think of new places. Have fun with it.

I often send it to the homeless because I am grateful for my little apartment and know how good it feels to sit down in my own chair at the end of the day and I wish that comfort for everyone.

February 19 is the start of the Chinese New Year and it is the Year of the Sheep. The sheep is a gentle creature, a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility. This will set the fundamental mood for this year.

The energy is here now to support mending fences. Letting bygones be bygones. Letting go of old sad and angry emotional baggage so you don’t drag it in to contaminate your life now and in the future. Because it will contaminate your life, if you allow it to just lay there dormant and under the surface. Honor and Love yourself enough to Let it Go. If you have trouble with letting go or locating where it came from, call me as there are many techniques that can help.

They have said it could be a year of banding together in faith and the belief, that good-will can prevail and win out over the forces that refuse to comply to a more peaceful way of life as we learn to respect each other more.

The more we can deliberately hold our vibrations high and send out love it creates a ripple effect, that affects and overcomes the darker energies of evil and destruction that has been brewing for such a long, long time.

Our world can really benefit from the influence of the Year of the Sheep this year. Yes, there are still some aggressive Rams out there creating havoc, but they really are getting outnumbered by the number of people who want to exist and live their lives in a more peaceful state. Just look at how many Dictators and Leaders have fell in the last few years, there has been many and many more that didn’t hit the headlines and that we were not even aware of.

I know some days it doesn’t look like progress when we watch the news, but the Guides have said as more and more is being exposed for us to see, more and more will collapse because it can no longer stay hidden.

Many of the guides have asked us not to lose hope or to give up. And here is a direct quote from Matthew. “If you could view your world as we do, you would be astounded at the progress, the obstacles met and overcome, the learning – the remembering! – you have mastered! We salute you.

How great is that?


    Wishing you Joy in your Heart and All things Good.
Many Blessings, Lori

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