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Awakening your destiny book cover

By Lorrie Febus

You are the chosen one. Courageous is your soul.

Your spirit is calling. The world needs your light. You are reading this for a reason there are no coincidences. You are the one who will make all the difference in your life and countless others. There is no time to spare. It is you. You are the light who can save the world. There is a reason you were put on earth at this time and in this place.

Awakening Your Destiny is your instruction book to discovering your journey. Reprogram your success blueprint in seven easy steps and welcome in money and success so you can live your best life. It is time to begin the greatest adventure of your life.

In the quiet times, your soul whispers to you, You are destined for something more. It is time for you to discover your real purpose by Awakening Your Destiny.

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