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As you know, God has been called by many names. It depends on which Religion or Belief System you follow. Yet we are all speaking of the same Higher Power.

Many have substituted the name The Universe or The Source. When Star Wars was so popular, some even started using the term, The Force. (They still meant the same thing).

Regardless of the terminology, Prayer is still a very powerful call. When someone we care about is ill or in trouble, it is always good to stop for a few minutes and Pray for them. Even to ask others to Pray for them as well.

Many Miracles have happened in this world because of Prayer.

I Pray for others because, of course, I care for them, but since I really don’t know ‘What’ is really best for them, I usually add the words, ‘Whatever is for Their Highest Good’ to take place in their life and call in their Guides and Angels to help them through this ordeal.

Proclaiming ‘Divine Order’ is another powerful prayer when you don’t know what else to ask for. Taking it out of the Human Mind into the Divine lifts it exponentially. We don’t know what Karma or experience still needs to play out but our caring Prayers still can help them.

For yourself … Know that it is OK to ask for what you want, as long as it hurts no one else. Anyone can Pray regardless of your background. 

Calling forth your Guardian Angel or a Guide or Jesus or Buddha or another Being is like calling and talking to a friend. You can pour out the deepest feelings in your heart to them.

There is no one Magical set of words to use. Simple words that come from your heart work best.

When our thoughts go to Fear, it is always best to take time to change them those of Love …..

Starting with Gratitude is an excellent way to start, as it actually lifts our vibration as we start listing all the many things we already have in our lives that we are grateful for.

I often start off with “Thank you God that I have a roof over my head and a place to live. Thank you that I can still walk and get around. Thank you for the Food I have in the cupboard.”

Then I list the little things, like a picture I have on the wall that I like to look at. As we list all the little things, it lifts our vibration and our ability to draw in the bigger things I want in life.

Because Universal Law says, ‘Like attracts Like,’ it is much better to list the things you like, rather than to Rage and Storm around listing all the things you don’t like in this world as they can bring and will bring more of those kinds of things that upset you as well.

Stand Guardian to your Mind, asking it to stay on track for you and not fall down every rabbit hole that shows up that will take you off track from where you and your Higher Self want you to be


    Many blessing to each of you.

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