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Your intuitive senses are a natural part of who you are.  We are born with our intuitive senses open and functioning.   Most institutional structures (education, family, government, corporations, scientific, religious, etc.)  do not value or even respect intuition.  You may experience emotional and physical wounding as a result of your intuition.   At the age of 18 I experienced a trauma and I “fainted”.  In that moment I lost all memories prior to age 16.  Shortly after that event I began experiencing debilitating migraines.  I was guided to meditation by psychotherapists as a possible tool for reducing my migraines.  While the meditation released me from the grip of debilitating migraines over many years of practice it also started a gradual process of re-opening my intuitive centers and allowing bits of my memories to come back.  The migraines were caused by the tension created by the demands of two worlds.  One world was the world where information was from structured sanctioned institutional sources and intuitive information was deemed worthless.  The other world was creative, in the flow of life, intuitive and trusting of self.   I was being pulled in two.   Being pulled in two different directions also created imbalances in the left and right sides of my body which created physical maladies and limiting emotional patterns.

You may ‘know’ that something is not good for you yet you suppress that knowing and do what is against your better interest to maintain institutional relationships.  For example: You go to the doctor and you are told that you need to go on a drug for elevated cholesterol, which is only marginally high.  You ‘know’ this drug is bad for you, yet you relent and take the drug.  Physicians, by their training put little or no value, on a client’s knowing.   Some medical clinics have policies that will reject you as a patient if you do not adhere to their physician’s orders.   One year later you have developed a secondary malady from the cholesterol drug for which there is no cure and requires that you now take another drug that is very expensive for the rest of your life.  A sampling of the emotional patterns being played out in this scenario are:

  • Not trusting yourself
  • Afraid to stand up to authority
  • Not good enough
  • Afraid of being judged
  • Fear of being overrun
  • Powerlessness
  • Unable to defend yourself
  • Don’t know what is best for you
  • Fear of being rejected and punished
  • Feeling worthless
  • ‘Knowing’ is wrong
  • I can’t make my own decisions
  • When I make a decision is wrong

These emotional patterns did not start with the medical incident; they started as a child and may be epigenetic or ancestral in origin. The ground for this wounding was started by religious, cultural, educational, government and family institutions from birth.   The religious dogmas created severe punishments for anyone that exhibited intuition.  The word psychic became a word of ridicule.  Within a family you were labeled weird or the black sheep if you demonstrated intuition.  Education reflected the values of the local religious and family cultures.  For example I learned about Helen Keller, an activist for the deaf and blind,  as a child in school.  I studied her story in class and read a book about her.  No where in any of that information was it mentioned that she was intuitive.  That information had been left out due to influence from educational boards who represented the local cultural values.   The list of examples of how institutions denigrate, punish, and reject intuitive information and the intuitive is very long.  Our institutions have worked very hard to keep the use of intuition out of our decision making.

Early Christian education makes it clear you are evil and talking to the devil if you were intuitive.  Your destiny, if you were intuitive, was eternal damnation.  You learned to not ask questions.  You learned to escape the chaos of conflicting information received from the adults around you and the intuitive information you ‘knew’ by shutting down your authentic self.  You learned to feel guilt and shame knowing that you were going to hell.  You learned that you must keep secret your knowing.  You learned you were not good enough.  You learned there was something wrong with you.  You learned to quiet the inner voice, not trust yourself, discount the inner imagery, and ignore the ‘knowing’.  You learned to watch those around you and mimic their behavior so none would know your secret.

The Clairs

Our intuitive senses are called clairs. The word clair is French for clear.  Clairs are fields of awareness, coupled with physiological receptors, that flow streams of information from the universal mind.   Each clair conveys information in a unique way.  The clairs defined in this article are clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudient, claircognizance, clairempathy, clairalience, clairtangency, and clairgustance.*  Sometimes multiple clairs will be experienced at one time and a person will experience multiple streams of information.  For example your inner voice is telling you information, you have a knowing and simultaneously you are experiencing imagery.

*There may be many intuitive senses that we experience but do not yet know how to label and translate the information being received. 

The clairvoyance sense ‘sees’ what is hidden.  Clairvoyance may be the seeing of what is hidden in the moment, future or past events. Sometimes the seeing takes the form of vignettes, symbols, sounds or colors; a vision.   Clairvoyant information of the future will be the most probable outcome of many possibilities in that moment.

Clairsentience is a feeling you get in your body usually in response to a situation.  You may refer to it as a ‘gut’ feeling.  Clairsentience could be your whole body or a sensation in your heart region.  You may experience a sensing or feeling of disease, thoughts, or emotions of others.

Claircognizance is a knowing.  You may have a knowing of danger or the potential for harm.  You don’t know what the danger is but you have a knowing of impending harm.  When evaluating a statement as to its truth you may have knowing that the statement is truthful or false.  This sense is based on a feeling you experience.  You may get the answers to questions without any objective data…you have a knowing.

Clairalience (also known as clairessence or clairscent) is the ability to smell and discern information about what you are smelling.  Some people experience the vibration of a  disease through smell.  They have learned that each disease has a unique smell.  Diabetes will smell different from lung cancer to someone with an awakened and informed intuitive sense of clairalience.   The clairalience sense may be experienced as a smell that is associated with a memory. This sense may also manifest as smelling the emotions or feelings of another.

Clairaudience is hearing voices beyond the human hearing sense.  This can take the form of hearing the thoughts of someone close to you.  You experience hearing an inner voice warn you of an upcoming difficulty.  Clairaudience may be experienced by hearing the voices or sounds of the past in a space.

Clairempathy is the ability to sense the emotions or feelings of another.

Clairtangency (psychometry) is the ability to feel, see, hear, and/or know information by touching an object.  Objects hold the vibration, energetic  signature, of a person that has touched the object.

Clairgustance is the experience of tasting energetic information.  You may experience taste sensations that have no correlation to food or drink.

The Wounding

When an emotional wound is experienced because of intuition the clair ability to flow information is greatly reduced.  Open clairs are part of a balanced healthy body.  If you have emotional imbalances that affect your clair(s) they will also affect your body.   For example: you have a vision of something that is going to happen.  You share that vision with a friend and they ridicule you or attack you.  You may feel humiliated, attacked and shut down the use of that skill or no longer share your visions.  The shutting down of the flow of universal wisdom may serve institutional control but it does not serve the universal being.  This reduction of universal wisdom is a restriction of the flow of life force; it is a state of non-peace.  Shutting down your clairvoyance because of being humiliated and attacked could translate into pancreatic dysfunction such as diabetes or pancreatic dysfunction, thyroid and/or autoimmune disorders.

A clair will be wounded when there is a withdrawal of love or acceptance.  A child is chastised for saying something that causes an adult to face an uncomfortable truth.  The child then feels unloved and unwanted.  They are told by an adult that they do not know what they are talking about.  Or they will be called stupid.  The child is sent away to their room or to the outside.  Receiving information through a clair for a child is a transparent process.  They do not yet filter.  They only start filtering, shutting down clair information when they start to fear the ramifications of saying what they know or observe.   In this case they may also reduce their conversations with adults to avoid rejection and feeling unloved.   This shutting down of speech may result in the onset of throat, vocal cord and lymph gland maladies.

Some intuitives learn early in their lives that to stay safe they must hide their clair skills.  They suppress the sharing of universal wisdom and lie about the source of information.  Not being able to be your authentic self becomes a life of quiet desperation.  In time this quiet desperation may become a diseased heart or a contracted and painful digestive system.  Life force does not flow and that is reflected in relationships and career decisions; they are stagnant.  You learn to language clair info in a way that makes the information safe.   You may end up leaving out information that is more specific so that the wisdom will be safe.  I would take clair information and then wrap it in logic.  I would often research what I had learned until I had been able to get confirmation.  I did not trust that I would be safe with friends or family until I had done this.

Most ACOAs, Adult Children of Alcoholics (any adult that grew up in a home where drug addiction or mental health were issues), have the skill of clairempathy.  This is essential to their survival.  They detected the feelings and state of the alcoholic, drug addict, or mentally unstable adult and their co-dependents to stay safe.  They adopt a role and way of being based on the sense of what will keep them safe.  The ACOA will have very weak boundaries.   An ACOA may develop pancreatic, autoimmune disorders, lung disease, skin issues, and bone/joint disorders.

I have written two articles that may be of interest in your journey  if you come from a dysfunctional family.  I have made Wounding of the Empathic Sense and ACOA: Adult Children of Alcoholics articles on the Emotional Patterns website available to the general public.

A clairvoyant sense may show us possible future events or what happened in the past.  A vision of future events is based on the most probable outcome of a myriad of possibilities.   If you share clairvoyant information you will be judged if it is wrong and probably ignored if you were right.  You may learn to not trust yourself.  You begin to not listen to your inner knowing.  You may feel judged, betrayed, diminished and rejected.  These feelings then create emotional patterns that then bring in more experiences of being judged, betrayed, diminished and rejected.

If one of your ancestors had clair senses that brought them punishment you may have been born with the epigenetics of that past trauma.  That past emotional trauma may have been exile, ridicule, humiliation, excommunication, rejection, etc.   This ancestor may well have also endured physical torture, hardship and possible death at the behest of religious leaders, local government, and or community for possessing a clair sense.  For example an ancestor may have learned to be very good at determining which herbs would facilitate healing of a malady.  The ancestor learned this skill from another ancestor and developed their own abilities of ‘knowing’ the healing properties of a plant.  The head of a local church decided that they were doing the work of the devil.  This ancestor was then beaten and driven from the community for being evil.  This event would have had a chilling effect on their family.  The relatives would have been viewed with suspicion by the community.  They would have had to deny their family member and part of their identity to stay in the community.   An epigenetic influence is triggered and then expressed in the descendent when an herbal remedy is presented to them for use with a malady (this is a possible effect).  You experience the trauma being carried in your epigenetics.  You may become fearful of anyone expressing intuitive wisdom.  You may develop an intense aversion to religions, and more.

When you feel forced to abandon your intuitive senses there is a feeling of loss.  You will then grieve the loss.  The intuitive senses are a part of your authentic self and sense of empowerment.  Grief may take the form of depression, anger, a sense of self-betrayal, hatred of community/family,  or blame.  These emotional states of non-peace will eventually become physical maladies.

People use the word psychic as a form of ridicule.  I can remember many times telling someone what may happen (no filters) and I would hear back ‘what are you psychic?’ or ‘how do you know that’ or ‘can you prove that’.  It was meant to denigrate and deny the information.  Those statements were meant to shut me down.  To give the information and me no value.  I was not good enough to ‘know’.

Un-Wounding a Clair

Clair senses are poorly understood by most people.  Their development and skillful use is even less understood.   To begin the un-wounding, pay attention to where you feel additional tension, cramping, or pain in your body as you read the wounding information above.*  These may be the wounds you carry or they may trigger a parallel concept of wounding not mentioned.  For example as I worked on this article I felt an intense achy pinch at the base of my neck and top of my shoulder.  The ache went up the side of my neck into the base of my skull.  I felt I was unsupported in carrying a heavy load and there was no one to ask for help.  This was a childhood wounding of knowing and clairempathy.   I Remen Q’d** the created pattern and the dull ache dissolved and I felt at peace.

Many different energetic methods teach how to open and clear the intuitive centers.  These methods are a band-aid, a temporary fix that can lead to discomfort.  There may be layers of wounding that will result in the shutting down of the clair again and the return of the emotional wound.  The wound needs to be neutralized to peace and this may be an iterative process.  This will bring the clair back to normal functioning.  The lack of peace will always be felt in the heart.  If you do not feel the wound in your heart, the contraction, you may have numbed your heart to the pain of that wound.  Start with the wound of numbing your heart.

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*The Wounding information is not complete there are several topics that will be included in an future book on this topic, e.g. The patriarchal war on the feminine.

**You can find more information about Remen Q̅ on the website .  

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